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"Know Your UN" Lecture Series

Refugee Initiative

Time/Location: TBA
Speaker: Hon. Teta Banks, UNA-USA Chairwoman

UNA-Houston’s Humanitarian program has assisted many countries throughout the world via building water wells, schools, orphanages, eliminating minefields, helping to eliminate human trafficking, etc.. This program is our highlight demonstration of thinking globally and acting locally.

UNA-Houston is planning to join in the UNA-USA National Refugee Initiative to address the refugee global crisis of 2016. At the Annual Meeting in Washington in June, the UNA-USA will be highlighting and announcing this national initiative and requesting chapters to commit their efforts. Its goal is to build schools in refugee camps and to assist refugee services in our local communities. All funds raised for the project will be matched by Her Highness of Qatar.

Hon. Teta Banks will address how Houston and UNA-Houston are poised to be a leader in this initiative, mainly because we are the most diverse/international city in the U.S. and we have the largest network of organizations, with whom we have been involved in partnerships, that already are addressing refugee issues.